December 12, 2017


One of the best reasons to choose to cruise – that no one wants to talk about! Political or social unrest, natural disasters, dire storms. Any of these calamities has the potential to ruin your long-planned holiday. But if you’re taking a cruise, you have among the best chances of still having a pleasant holiday story to share.

By Lynn Elmhirst

Cruise lines have made head lines in recent weeks avoiding safety hazards that, if you travel in other ways, could really leave you stranded.

It’s not something anyone wants to talk about, but it happens, and in fact, the worse the situation, the better off in many ways you are to comprar viagra en argentina capital federal be a cruise traveler than any taking any other type of trip.

Istanbul Panorama - Wikimedia Commons - Juraj Patekar

Cruise Lines Cancel Turkey Ports of Call

The tally of cruise lines dropping Turkey ports of call from their Eastern European itineraries continues to grow after a suicide bombing in a tourist area of Istanbul. For example, Norwegian Cruise Lines has announced all three of its brands, Norwegian, Regent Seven Seas, and Oceania, will avoid the country for the rest of 2016.
Norwegian Escape_Waterline
This is terrible news for Turkey, which is in so many ways a wonderful travel destination.
But the good news is that people already on cruises are not losing their entire vacations. In the case of MSC Magnifica, for example, the result of dropping Turkey is a change in the existing itinerary. The weekly calls in the cities of Istanbul and Izmir from March 29, 2016 will, for the time being, be replaced by calls in the Greek capital – Athens – and on Mykonos, one of the most popular and glamorous Greek isles.

Contrast this with the experience of people who may have booked a tour package to Tunisia. Thomas Cook in the UK recently announced abandoning all of this season’s tour packages to Tunisia for similar safety concerns. Naturally, tour companies are providing excellent service and are jumping through hoops to re-book their customers, but those customers will have to settle for completely different vacations than they had planned.

Many cruise travelers will be able to enjoy most of their chosen vacation uninterrupted, simply with the Turkey portion switched out for a different, delightful destination.

Heavy Weather

This one pops up every hurricane season in the Caribbean, and occasionally disastrously. We hear of travelers stranded on resorts – with generators providing some power if they are lucky – for days when an island takes a beating from a passing hurricane, knocking out power, interrupting clean water supplies, and preventing planes from taking off and landing.

Cruise ships? They can sail around the worst of the problem. To be fair, you might not see too many sunny skies, but that’s why the Caribbean in hurricane season is at a discount. But the worst of the stormy weather, and certainly the truly dangerous weather, can be avoided for most people choosing cruise travel.

That’s why this week’s Anthem of the Seas being damaged in a violent storm, with stories of passengers confined to staterooms until the ship ultimately turned around and returned to its port of departure, is actually such an unusual story; one of the great features of cruise travel is its very mobility and ability to plot a course around the worst of a storm.
Royal Caribbean - Twitter

One of Cruise Travel’s Greatest Strengths

Of course there are many excellent reasons to choose cruise travel, but as recent events have shown so well, being able to literally change course to avoid localized risks and preserve travelers’ vacations is one of cruise travel’s greatest benefits.

Is this a factor you’ve ever considered when booking a cruise or any other type of travel? Comment here or let me know on Twitter!

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