January 19, 2018


How does a lady make an entrance? MSC Divina’s Arrival in Port of Miami makes a ‘splash’

By: Lynn Elmhirst

MSC Divina is called the ‘Diva’ of all the MSC Cruise ships. So naturally, as any lady knows, she had to make an entrance to mark her arrival at the Port of Miami as the first MSC Cruise ship to port in Miami and sail year round in the Caribbean.

MSC Divina's Arrival with Fiats at SeaHow did she make her grand entrance? With the help of #FiatatSea, a trio of impossibly adorable signature Italian mini cars.

Although the ‘surprise’ entrance was a closely guarded secret, I was tipped off, my media spidey senses tingling, when I heard about the ceremonious ‘boarding’ of a candy red Fiat onto the Divina just before she left Venice.

I admit it’s easy to be world-weary, even a bit cynical, when you’re told there will be a ‘stunt’ marking the launch of something new. You’re with me, right? We’ve all seen it all. Would the little candy apple red Fiat drive off the ship? Would we all go ‘wow’?

The MSC Divina's splasy escortBut at 7 am, in a hazy Miami sunrise, the dozens of (equally seen-it-all) members of North American media clustered on a vantage point on the water’s edge of the basin of the port, self included, all went ‘wow’. Then ‘aww!’

As the MSC Divina made her stately entrance into the Port of Miami, her new home port after her Trans-Atlantic crossing, suddenly appeared a trio of Fiats, not ordinary Fiats, but ones modified to replicate their commercial campaign showing them leaping off the shores of Italy and ‘swimming’ to North America. There they were, zipping through the water around the MSC Divina just like, as someone watching said, three tiny dogs yipping happily around their mistress’ ankles.

MSC Divina's playful grand entranceWe were close enough to peer inside; it looked like the Fiat bodies were mounted on jet ski-type arrangements (at least one piloted by a shirtless good looking guy, as every woman on the pier noted!). So their antics, rearing up, executing tight 360′s spraying water playfully at each other and the MSC Divina, gave us and our cameras quite a show – and all the Divina’s crew and passengers, who were lined up on the top decks waving and clearly loving it!

Now we get to see the inside of the MSC Divina, and see if she’s as grand a diva on the inside as out!

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