January 16, 2018


The first of the Quantum Class Ships Aims to take a Quantum Leap Forward in Defining Cruise Travel

By: Lynn Elmhirst, Ship2Shore.TV host and producer

I love sailing with Vanessa Lee, publisher of Cruise and Travel Lifestyles magazine. We share notes and many opinions, but differ enough for lively debate. It certainly took two sets of eyes to try to take in everything new and exciting on our whirlwind media sailing of the new Quantum of the Seas.

There are few surprises with new ship launches; PR campaigns throughout the years-long process of building and designing a ship tout the highlights and special features we can anticipate. Still, there is the excitement of discovering whether the extravagant plans can actually be pulled off successfully. For Royal Caribbean, the bar was set so high with the mega Oasis Class ships – the ships that brought us the idea that surfing and rock wall climbing at sea was not only normal, but EXPECTED – we had to wonder: how could Quantum of the Seas set a new standard?

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Cue the ‘wows’: adding the skydiving simulator to join the rock climbing wall and the surf rider on the top decks. The brilliantly-conceived multi-use gymnasium that switches out floors as needed for every grown-up-in-us-all indoor activity from basketball, to bumper cars, to circus school (who knew you could run away to the circus at sea?) With a DJ booth suspended overhead! Plus the North Star pod-on-an-arm that lifts guests 300 feet overhead for a view over the ship sailing at full speed that is something even experienced cruise travelers have never experienced before. A futuristic theme park ride meets techno scenic lookout.
North Star pod on Quantum of the Seas

View from the North Star over Quantum of the Seas

Those are all head turning and testimony to the imagination and technical genius of the creators.

But some of the real innovation on Quantum of the Seas comes in the overall experience. Royal Caribbean clearly made it a priority to solve some of the ‘pains’ guests experience in cruise travel, especially on big ships. They call it a ‘smart ship’, using technology to enable online pre-check in, apps to track luggage and make ship board bookings and reservations, developing swiping wristbands to replace room card keys and facilitate all shipboard expenditures, all innovations designed to smooth out processes. It works! Reducing line ups and freeing guests up to enjoy their holidays.

Design is the other big innovation. Quantum of the Seas feels like a new luxury Vegas resort, airy, whimsical design with spaces that feel intimate and traffic flowing so you never feel like you’re sharing a ship with thousands of other people.

The outside-the-box swing in Quantum of the Seas' 270 lounge

The design entertains, too. Most spectacularly in screen art installations that take ship board art to an interactive level, especially in the 270 lounge/theatre, where one-of-a-kind robotic screens are both set and performers in a deeply Marshal McLuhan moment: the medium IS the message!

Our conclusion: Quantum of the Seas really is a quantum leap forward in the cruise travel experience!

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