January 16, 2018


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By: Lynn Elmhirst, Ship2Shore.TV Host and Producer

As the host and producer of Ship2Shore.TV, I’m often asked for cruise tips, and one of the most frequent questions people have for me is: should I choose a mega cruise ship or a small or river cruise?

There’s no right answer, and basically, when I’m asked for that kind of advice, it becomes a kind of cruise booking therapy! Where I ask astute questions to help my cruise-minded friends discover their cruise personalities and their best cruise match!

This video sums up some of my insights and questions you should ask yourself when you take the plunge and decide to take a cruise, maybe a different type of cruise than you have in the past, and you’re debating: mega cruise ship? small cruise ship? or even a river cruise?

I don’t have a favourite, I have never been on a cruise I didn’t love, but it depends what kind of vacation you are looking for. If you started your cruise love affair with big cruise ships, maybe you can experiment with an intimate, river cruise ship that takes you into the heart of a country or culture! Or if you last took a European river cruise, consider spicing it up with an activities-round-the-clock mega cruise ship in the Caribbean, Alaska, or Mediterranean!

No matter what type of cruise you find yourself leaning towards, my advice to anyone is: do your homework, about the ship, the cruise line, where you embark and disembark the ship, and all the ports of call. And although we love digital! :-) a travel agent can help you navigate all the moving parts of arriving flights, embarking ships, pre- and post- cruise stays, and signing up for excursions.

Happy viewing and happy travels!

Filmed in association with Travel and Escape, with superwoman travel producer Garine Tcholakian, on board the Arosa Silva on a Christmas market cruise in Germany.

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